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Client Testimonials

Our deepest appreciation to Let’s Go Direct’s Consultants
With their expertise and professional service, we manage to save up to more than 10% . All goes direct on payment to all Tradesmen with the consultant assistance and planning in schedule. Service and workmanship is a thumbs up…

Derrick Ong
Cassia Crescent

I would like to compliment the Consultants from Let’s Go Direct
The space planning was perfect and the workmanship is excellent.He is so meticulous and have always look into the small details of the house to make sure there is nothing out of place. In conclusion, his service is excellent and very competent.

Lim Jit Heng
Hougang St 51

Tradesman Testimonials

Thanks to Let’s Go Direct..bringing us as a Tradesmen to another level. We always facing the same old problem is poor marketing due to our education level. Let’s Go Direct helping us in the new Era of e-comm by getting our business direct to clients. We are grateful to Let’s Go Direct and hope that we could excel in our business with Let’s Go Direct.

Ng Beng Kiat

Let’s Go Direct giving us an opportunity to learn how to use web/Apps and getting more business from the apps. Wonderful idea!

Neo CS

Our traditional business is only relying on big company and have many cases we are unable to get our project money due to main con delays payment or close down. Now after joining Let’s Go Direct…we have different direction in business and getting moving with our cash flow from Direct client. Thanks u Let’s Go Direct.

Frank Teo